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We only employ lawyers of high qualification, who have acquired professional experience while taking positions of judges, judicial assistants and pre-trial inquiry officers. Long-term experience of our team members acquired in state institutions have made them strive for flawlessness and set excessively high performance standards for themselves and for their professional competence. Experience and respect both to the client and to former colleagues allow us reach for highest results in the professional field.

Modern and sharp thinking, keeping in line with contemporary conception of law and constant improving of qualification lets us dig in the most complex issues of law and most cases that were handled by our team was won, settled by negotiations or endorsed by settlement agreements.


Legal support of our team does not only include legal assistance in civil, family, debt management, agreement coordination, criminal, labour and other issues in various fields of law and institutions, but also includes constant client consultations, continual legal care of legal persons.

The firm is highly experienced in working with companies, therefore, we would offer a one-off or a long term cooperation.

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Kalvarijų g. 98–37, LT-08211 Vilnius, Lietuva

+370 (5) 2199472 (phone/fax) info@gremar.lt

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